Mother and Son
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ISBN :9787301156735
Date de parution :2009
Pages :78
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Livre en chinois sans pinyin avec CD audio.
Il s'agit d'un livre de niveau 2 (500 mots)

Chinese Breeze is a large and innovative Chinese graded reader series that will offer over 60 titles of enjoyable stories at eight language levels. It is designed for college and secondary school Chinese language learners from beginning to advanced levels (including AP Chinese students), offering them a new opportunity to read for pleasure and simultaneously developing real fluency, building confidence, and increasing motivation for Chinese learning. Each title comes with an audio CD containing recordings of the text. In simplified characters, with pinyin and English in vocabulary lists. There are also short exercises and answer keys at the end of each book. CONTENT OF THIS BOOK: A teenage boy runs away from home, leaving his mother devestated. She never leaves home--never goes out with friends, eats out, or travels. Years pass, and then one day, the son returns to find his mother gone