Left and Right : The conjoined Brothers
Auteur(s) :Yuehua Liu ; Chngzhi Chu
ISBN :9787301137130
Date de parution :2008
Pages :62
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Dimensions :1
Prix :10.00 €

Une collection de premières lectures, limitées à un vocabulaire de 500 mots. L'objectif est de motiver la lecture, d'acquérir aisance et confiance dans l'usage du chinois. Chaque livret inclut une liste de mots nouveaux traduits en anglais, des questions de compréhension sur les textes, avec corrigés et une liste de vocabulaire en annexe.

Les fichiers audio sont sous forme d'un CD.

"Left and Right are two brothers. Even their parents don't know who is older and who is younger, as they are Siamese twins. They must do everything together. They play together, eat together, and sleep together. Most of the time they enjoy their lives and are very happy. When one was sick , the other helped his brother take his medicine and he got better. However, it's no fun anymore when they sit in class together but one brother dislikes the other's subjects..."