HSK Standard Course 6B - Workbook (Cahier d'exercices)
Auteur(s) :Yang Huizhen ; Yao Shujun
ISBN :9787561950838
Date de parution :2016-12
Pages :239
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Dimensions :21x28.5
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This book is used with HSK Standard Course 6. It consists of two volumes, each of which includes 20 lessons, and each lesson consists of three parts: Listening, Reading, and Writing. The design of this workbook reflects the compiling concept of combining examination with teaching, and promoting teaching through exams, and its contents are in line with HSK (Level-6) exam, as the question types, topics selected, length of corpus, the proposition angle, etc. are all consistent with past exam papers, with a view to enabling the students to receive comprehensive, effective training and improvement.