Easy steps to chinese 1 : textbook (ed. en anglais) - edition bilingue
Auteur(s) :Ma Yanmin ; Li Xinying
ISBN :9787561955970
Date de parution :2020-10-01
Pages :132
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The 2nd edition of Easy Steps to Chinese is especially de-signed for non-Chinese background students, who are learning Chinese as a second/foreign language. The series can be used by secondary school students as well as fifth and sixth graders in primary schools. This series will help students establish a solid foundation of Chinese in terms of characters, words, sentences and grammar through natural and gradual integration of language, themes and culture. The simultaneous development of listening, speak-ing, reading and writing is especially emphasized. The ultimate aim is to help students develop communication skills in Chinese in real-life situations and express their viewpoints appropriately, precisely, logically and coherently.